Hurricane Season and Your Florida Wedding

Hurricane Season and Your Florida WeddingIt’s here again: HURRICANE SEASON. That’s right, June 1st (which is Monday, by the way!) kicks off Floridians’ favorite time of year. Time to stock up on the hurricane party supplies. Oops, I mean emergency preparedness items.

But what happens when your wedding takes place during hurricane season (6/1-11/30)? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Have a good Plan B. And Plan C. And Plan D. Even if a hurricane isn’t in the forecast¬†for your immediate area, they can bring drastic weather changes with them. If you are planning on an outdoor ceremony, have a great indoor option booked. Think through your outdoor decor, and see if it will work with the indoor space. If not, talk to your designer or florist about changes that could be made if necessary, and what the deadline for those changes would be.
  • Purchase wedding insurance well in advance. Much like homeowners’ insurance policies, there are time limits for purchasing hurricane coverage for your wedding. Be sure to know those deadlines, and finalize your policy in time. (For more info on wedding insurance, check out our friends at
  • Remember that your honeymoon location might be affected.¬†Keep an eye on the forecast for your honeymoon destination. Consider purchasing travel insurance if you are going to an area that might be in the path of a storm. Again, there are deadlines for purchasing insurance, so talk to your travel agent about options!